ATIP: A Platform for the Recreational Type.

For the past week I have been working on and perfecting a workflow unlike any other found in small production. The ATIP or "All Terrain Imaging Platform" is a product of accessibility and imagination. Years ago I had the idea to put the Induro HiHat on my quad, but when I ran a preliminary simulation, I found there to be no tie points for such a niche support; unless there was a "pancake" of sorts. I vested the time I had available to focus on the ATIP, and now I present you with this:

BMPCC, Metabones Nikon Adaptor, Tokina 19-35mm 'Plastic Fantastic'

The compact size of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera makes it ideal for this application, as with heavier payloads comes more weight > more plates > longer setup time.

Manfrotto boom support, Pelican 1560SC, Glidecam Camcrane 200

Mobility and Versatility are the hallmarks of the ATIP. A Pelican 1560SC protects fragile assets while in transit through less than hospitable environments.

The Induro Hi-Hat is the junction between motion and machine. After transit, the plates are loaded and the jib is leveled using a circular bubble level.

Although there are mounting holes in the feet of the Hi-Hat, the support needed to be strapped down to prevent the ball joints from separating in harsh terrain. Despite that drawback, the rubber feet make excellent bushings to dampen vibration leading to the jib.

A pool noodle doubles as a cable channel and visibility device.

The operator uses a SmallHD 702Bright to monitor the video signal while controlling pan and tilt with a Bescor MP-101 Remote Head.

The front end is home to the weight stack, Pelican Case, and Manfrotto Tripod which secures the boom in transit.

A Bose Speaker fits snuggly between the handlebars, perfect for PA announcements or rocking out after the Martini Shot.

A year ago I was given a selfie stick on a cruise. I realized the phone holder was attached by a 1/4" 20 thread, so I repurposed the mount and buried the selfie stick in the backyard.

A hatchet yields a number of uses while working in the great outdoors.

The ATIP was not solely created for use with a Jib, rather the universal bowl gives host to many other support options.

From idea to inception, you see Chris Racioppi and the ATIP in the infancy of development.

For Questions and Inquiries about the All Terrain Imaging Platform or "Plastic Pancakes", please visit the 'Contact' page.

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