I was 16, walked into my High School's T.V. Studio. The ensemble embodied something I had never imagined. The hanging light fixtures remained dormant, in absolute nobility, not an electron flowing through them. I notice how this entire room comes down to the single source; a recording deck which captures human error down to a thirtieth of a second. Overwhelmed by what I had once not known, the ENG setup before me held the gold standard for broadcasting... For school announcements. After working for three years in the in-house station shooting ENG style, I had accrued an immense respect for the Imaging craft and it's variety.

Ten Years Later

Through logic and communication with the  Client, motivated Production setups are carefully crafted to properly convey the emotion of your project or Product. With the understanding of light as an energy, it becomes a tangible medium in which to enhance life in front of the lens.