Unbound from the Ground

Whether you are selling a property, looking for aerial images of your homestead to treasure with your family, or doing something awesome that can only be accentuated by the unbounded versatility of a flying imaging platform, I can bring your aspirations to fruition.

Mobile Phone

Mission Objective

What do you need shot? 

Mission Execution

Cleared for takeoff! 

Preproduction & Flight Planning

Using mapping, weather, and solar positioning tools we digest the parameters to plan for mission success.

Computer desktop

Media Processing

Drones are amazing tools but the job isn't finished when you stop recording. Depending on the mission scope, the next step is assembling and polishing that beautiful footage in a way that positively motivates your audience.

Save the Date

Working within environmental data, you will be given shoot date range. If you need to be present at the location we isolate the day with the best perceived conditions.


Once the content is processed, you receive a link where you can easily download and disseminate the files to the appropriate digital venues.