Christopher Racioppi

Hunterdon County based Commercial Producer
& Drone Operator

Elevator Pitch

For 15 years my craft has given me a level of perspective unlike any other profession. From small single employee businesses to billion dollar companies, my work has been a consistent and invaluable asset regardless of who the client is. In this media saturated world, we see more flashy ads, but significantly less authentic messaging, and often around "these parts" there's no messaging at all; that's where I come in. If you're "real" about your business, "real" about your care for potential future customers, and "real" about being a genuine human being- I believe together, we can craft the right visual content to show the world exactly who the heck you are!


Me of course- Christopher Racioppi at your service! I was born on a dark and stormy November's eve... Just kidding, I've been enamored by imaging instruments as long as I can remember and started getting paid to use them when I began working at HCTV in 2006.


You spent a lot of time doing the awesome things you do to create a brand for yourself, but if nobody can see how beneficial your product or message is, you may find yourself wishing you had a time machine to do it all over.

We only get one life, fill it with the highest octane this world has to offer. #noregerts


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Preferably Tahiti or the Cayman Islands, but I can accommodate any location you need filmed. With a small roving arsenal of production equipment, the world is my oyster, better yet: my stage. Need a teleprompter and studio setup? General filming of your establishment? No problem! I come to you.

Yesterday. That's my motto. When inspiration hits, the natural high of turning your idea into a tangible (or visible) asset to share with the world is unlike anything you may have tried in college. If you contact me and have the availability to volley ideas back and forth, we can go from "Brain to Fame*" in approximately 7 business days.  

*Fame not Guaranteed


Well why not? Having worked with such a wide range of businesses, I can almost certainly accommodate the level of budget you wish to set. After all, you don't need all of King Midas' gold to generate an adequate message!


First, your brain sends a signal to your nervous system, which actuates groups of muscles to fill out the contact form below.


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